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If you don't have much experience with online dating, this is a really good introduction.

You'll learn about the psychology of women who are using dating sites, and what most guys are doing wrong that prevents them from having any kind of success.

Wing Man is a program developed by Supply Side Dating. The distribution of this has mostly been seen in the United States.

A majority of the PCs this is running on, most OS versions are Windows 7 (SP1).

One thing I thought they did a good job of was breaking down the different sites and giving you recommendations on which to use based on what you're looking for.

As an example, Ok Cupid is really popular with girls that are 18-25, whereas has a larger selection of women 30 who might be looking for something more serious.

Increasingly popular, their main function is to enable members to meet up for casual sexual relationships.

Probably the most detailed product on the market about online dating.Includes a piece of software that helps automate the process so that you'll get faster results with less effort.There are some areas where it plays it too safe, instead of pushing the envelope a bit more.If you're a beginner to online dating and want to give yourself the best chance to meet up with as many women as possible, this is a great product to check out.Scott Valdez is the founder of Virtual Dating Assistants, a company that handles the online dating needs from men all around the world.

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