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This festival was held to ward off the danger of wolves to their flocks and honored their God Lupercalia.

The Roman's celebrated a festival called Lupercalia on February 15.

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Before he was put to death he sent the first 'valentine' to his love when he wrote her a letter and signed it 'Your Valentine'. Perhaps we'll never know the true identity and story behind the man named St. February has been the month to celebrate love for a long time, dating way back to the Middle Ages.

In fact, Valentine's Day ranks second only to Christmas in number of greeting cards sent.

When Emperor Claudius II found out about Valentine's actions he had him impisoned, and later put to death.

His counterpart in Greek mythology is Eros, god of love.

Cupid is often said to be a mischievous boy who goes around wounding both gods and humans with his arrows, causing them to fall in love.

This game was kind of rushed, so it's not thoroughly tested. If anyone wants to team up on something like this in the future, email me.

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