Updating progress bar when retrieving records from database

Issue the notification at the beginning of the operation.

The animation will run until you modify your notification.

How to create , Save, Update , Delete and Search Student Profile information using Visual basic and Ms Access-Step By Step VB6 Control used are Textbox, Option Box, Combobox, Picturebox, Date Picker , Common Dialog controls Features of Application are: 1.

How to design the VB form and add various controls i.e Textbox, Option Box, Combobox, Picturebox, Date Picker , Common Dialog controls onto the form. How to create database object at run time and do the database connectivity. How to load the image onto the form using commondialog control and also Save /Retrieve the Image or Picture from the database. How to save the values selected from Optionbox and Combobox into the database and retrieve them when required. How to Use datepicker control and Save the Date into the Database. How to Save , Delete, Update and Search the Student profiles. How to navigate between the profiles (First/Next/Previous/Last).

In either case, remember to update the notification text to show that the operation is complete. m Notify Manager = (Notification Manager) get System Service(Context.

By default the range is set from 0 to 100, with the current value set to 50.

For the purpose of this lesson, set the current value to 0.

NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); m Builder = new Notification Compat.

Builder(this); m Content Title("Picture Download") Content Text("Download in progress") Small Icon(R.drawable.ic_notification); // Start a lengthy operation in a background thread new Thread( new Runnable() // Starts the thread by calling the run() method in its Runnable ).start(); The resulting notifications are shown in figure 1. To display a continuing (indeterminate) activity indicator, add it to your notification with and issue the notification.

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