Scary thing about dating

Charged her with some minor things like B&E or trespassing (forget which) and she spends a couple nights in jail since her parents/friends don't bail her out. I have some friends stay at my house, including Sue, during this time so I'm never alone because I'm worried she's crazy and might do something weird. Overly attached girlfriend has nothing on this chick.

In the lobby I called the police again, they came and arrested her. I open the note and it says things like:'I love you, I want to be with you, we need to have children together even though we're both only teenagers' and it just prattled on and on.

Much of my jump off points here are nearly identical and symmetrical to the previous entry: I want my son to date a “church girl.”A “church girl,” much like a “church guy,” is a girl who either grew up in the church or has assimilated into the life of her church.

I also think church girls make the best girlfriends for the same reasons that they have a good head on their shoulders, they date for a respectable purpose, and they’re vetted and/or held accountable. Again, I admit these reasons are rooted in generalizations, and there are tons of church girls who shatter these categories.

Her body is found months after the fact and identified by wallet. I literally never did anything out of the ordinary or said anything out of the ordinary to her. I wonder if he likes me.'She also DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING PHONE.The world is full of creeps, and if you're not careful then you might end up being the unwilling object of a particular creep's affection. Check out these Reddit-approved stories of possibly-insane women who creeped dudes out. Anyway, I was on the second floor, above an old man who couldn't hear anything and below a couple in their early 20s who fought and screamed all the f*cking time, and when they weren't fighting they took turns having loud, obnoxious sex in the wee morning hours or rolling giant f*cking boulders around the floor at all times of day apparently. 'Counselor' gets very frustrated and tells me I'm a terrible person.2013 - Jen commits suicide by jumping off a cliff somewhere in Arizona.I’m talking about the ones that represent the fall-friendly zodiac sign, Libra, which happens to be my atrological sign.

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