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He can behave this way because he simply doesn’t see women as human beings.Some of you must have come across the Buzzfeed article published about Julien this week (Written by Mark Di Stefano). Aside from harassing and violating women, we learn that Blanc is also a racist:(Credit: Buzzfeed)I can go on for days and days about how horrible Julien’s behaviour is, but instead, I thought I’d let his work speak for itself.Disparities in the Pay and Benefits of Bachelor Degree Graduates: The Role of Pay-Setting Arrangements conducted by GCA analyses data from a set of supplementary questions in the Beyond Graduation...An agency is required to contact the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) to seek advice on whether a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) is required for decisions made by Council of Australian...

This Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Handbook has been developed to help you complete your IAS Performance Report. The Government released its Regulator Performance Framework as part of 2014 Spring Repeal Day.

Government has committed to improving the administration of regulation and the performance of regulators, including issuing of letters from Ministers to heads of regulators setting out performance...

Many fuel stations across Australia supply low aromatic unleaded fuel.

The Australian Government is committed to the use of cost–benefit analysis (CBA) to assess regulatory proposals in order to encourage better decision making. Where a policy proposal has a direct bearing on trade performance, a trade impact assessment (TIA) should be incorporated into your Regulation Impact Statement to give the decision maker a summary...

Business relevant, high-quality education and training boosts innovation, encourages investment and supports jobs growth.

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