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A brief review of some of these may lead to some interesting questions concerning the originality of the Christian claim: Born of the virgin Nana on December 25. He was a savior crucified on a tree for the salvation of mankind.He was buried but on the third day the priests found the tomb empty -- He had arisen from the dead (on March 25th).If someone wants to argue that one account was borrowed from another, it would have to be the other way around: the Sargon legend appears to have borrowed from the Exodus account of Moses. Although many different men wrote, the Holy Spirit of God is the actual author.Second Timothy -17 tells us that Scripture is inspired by God, which means it is literally “God-breathed.” He wrote it, He preserved it down through the centuries, He lives within its very pages and His power is manifest in our lives through it.Strange enough, the ancient pagan religion, Mithraism, which dates back over 4,000 years, also celebrated the birth of their "Then Mithras returned to the earth to teach humanity His commandments and begin Mysteries and Rites which would help humans remember His acts on our behalf.

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Did the Bible copy the Flood account from other myths and legends? In addition to a lack of historical support, many characteristics of Jesus, which Christians today believe in, are undeniably similar or identical to religious trends and beliefs that preceded Christianity.There are tens of accounts of pagan gods of many different cultures who were said to have the same attributes as those that Christians claim Jesus had.And Sargon lived about 800 years before Moses was born.So the Moses baby-sent-down-the-river-only-to-be-rescued-and-adopted story must have been borrowed from Sargon, right?

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