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Frankly, if this is Blendr's fate -- to be an app totally populated with lonely straight men -- well, Simkhai probably wouldn't be too upset: Unlike on Chat Roulette, perhaps those lonely guys could find someone with a common interest, make friends and perhaps start a poker game.

"The big question that we're trying to solve here," Simkhai says, "is 'I don't know anyone, and I have nothing to do: What do I do, and who do I do it with?

Whether Blendr takes off depends on the answers to two questions: 1.well, either starting a poker game or starting some other kind of "game," I suppose.One of the coolest features of Blendr is Venues, what Simkhai calls a "heat map": It lists all nearby locations, along with how many Blendr users have checked into those places.Over the first days following Blendr's launch -- after mentions in the New York Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal -- the app does appear to have captured a particular demographic: Straight single men in their mid-to-late 20s.Granted, my tests contain a pathetically small sample size and have only taken place in Manhattan's Union Square and East Village neighborhoods; yet still, based on those tests, I would put the ratio of men to women at around 85 percent to 15 percent.

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