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Pay Point charge for the authorise whereas Net Banx do not.

Unfortunately, Net Banx are a little slow to respond to technical queries.

The only 2 companies that provide such a flexible service are: I had planned on using Pay Point because I have used them in the past. There is very little documentation and it always felt a little hacked up to integrate with.

They seem to have updated their pricing plans over the last few days. it was £10 per month and 38p per transaction but their new pricing is £20 per month, including 500 transactions and 10p per transaction after that (you must use their Professional plan to get access to their API). Their API (also SOAP) is much nicer and at the time their prices were more competitive. Their transaction fees are 10p per transaction, with a minimum £20 per month billing.

You get different rates depending on the type of card used and there is always a setup fee involved.

There is also always a monthly minimum billing amount which they charge if you do not reach that level in fees for the month.

This is usually provided for no extra fee so long as you let the bank know you want to bill customers on a recurring basis.

Both companies will charge you for their services and this is where the rest of the post will go into detail about the fees you can expect from each of the banks and payment processors.

I also looked into Sage Pay (formerly Protx) but found out some disturbing stories about downtime and poor customer service.

And I checked Secure Trading but their API is perhaps the worst I have ever seen – you have to install a Java application through which you query their API.

There are quite a few options for taking online payments from customers but the best way is to get a merchant account and use a 3rd party processor to handle everything.

When I say “best”, I mean that in a comparative sense verses using the likes of Google Checkout or Pay Pal: Why get a merchant account?

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