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When people say to me, “I have someone in my life who has Asperger’s. ” my first thought, no matter what age they are, is that the person with Asperger’s needs to understand that they need a life partner and they need a job. It doesn’t matter if you make enough money to live on your own.The high rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide in the Asperger population come from not having these two things. You just need those two things: a life partner and a job.Otherwise, you’ll get older and realize everyone is paired off and there’s no room for you to have your best friend, because adult life best friends are spouses. So life is pretty good, not for the people around you, but for you, if you can just go with that.

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Technically, that’s what everyone is supposed to do, but there are a million scenarios where if you refuse to slow down or speed up, you actually make everyone else’s life hell.Nobody could memorize the facts as fast as I did, and because they were all in my head I could synthesize them faster than everybody else and come up with trends.It gave me a key advantage in my career that separated me from the typical career paths of unemployable people with Asperger’s.Think DMV, court reporting, librarian, or even retail.I spent most of my 20s doing retail, and though I didn’t know I had Asperger’s, I knew I adored my job.

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