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The top vessel is shown with second-generation topsides weighing 10,000-15,000 tonnes.In the middle, a hull outfitted with more complex third-generation topsides typically weighing 24,000 tonnes, as seen on the recent Cidade de Ilhabela, Marica and Saquarema FPSOs.The heat continued into the summer period, with an extended nationwide heatwave that began in the west just after Christmas and peaked during the first two weeks of January 2013.The start of autumn was marked by a third major heatwave event.

The last seven months have been exceptional in terms of heat records.

This was especially pronounced in the southeastern states where numerous cities and towns including Melbourne, Mt Gambier and Launceston set records for consecutive hot days and warm nights (see Australia started 2013 with a record-breaking heatwave that lasted more than two weeks across many parts of the country.

Temperatures were regularly above 48°C, with the highest recorded maximum of 49.6°C at Moomba in South Australia.

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LINEAGE: An image depicts what three different generations of topsides might look like on a Fast4Ward generic hull.

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