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It cost me a monthly fee () and I could read and write as many exchanges in the chat window as you want. I am now well on my way to meeting the woman of my dreams.

She has same interests as me, is gorgeous and available and we want to be together. Sorry for the translation from French to English :-( According to their own definition, Charm Date is a platform that helps people to communicate with each other. They know exactly what is happening on their site which is, in my experience, 66% for sex chat.

The following is the truth as far as I have been able to determine. 13f delta On Yiu street Shatin, Internet, Hong Kong is the company name for 4 dating websites: Chn have Agencies to do most of their work and if you have any complaints they are referred to their agents.

These agents have trained personnel who answer in stereotype fashion so you never get an honest reply that is satisfying.

On the other hand, you will find that their software to detect words with sexual connotation is not very effective since the dishonest women only have to write these words in a slightly distorted way like sexxxxx or s.e.x., etc.

This seemed hard to believe that could happen and they never get caught.

But then one day I received an email from a woman in Ukraine who told me she had worked for a Charm Date agent for less than 4 weeks.

That sort of thing might happen once or twice but after 4 or 5 you realize theres something going on that aint right.

Later I made contact with a travel agent in Kiev Ukraine and became friends with a lady there. We talked on Skype on several occasions and she told me that her clients were almost exclusively men from overseas seeking a wife in Ukraine.

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