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Heinlein was apparently aware of Hubbard’s involvement in 19 with Jack Parsons, the Caltech rocket scientist who was into the occult and with Hubbard got up to some pretty strange sex magick rituals.After Hubbard took Jack’s girlfriend Sara “Betty” Northrup away from him, the three of them cooked up a scheme to buy sailboats, sail them to Florida, and then sell them at a profit. Heinlein appears to have been aware of some of these details and warned Arwine not to get involved with Hubbard if he ran into him in New York.A couple of weeks ago, we looked at a 1949 letter written by L.

“I think he always was that way, but when he wanted to make a good impression or get something out of somebody he put on a first-class charm act,” de Camp writes.Gerry told us he doesn’t have an image of the original document, but, he told us, “To my knowledge, the Scientologists have never challenged the letter’s authenticity. Heinlein’s letters are held by a trust that allows anyone to download copies of them for a small fee.I had it when I was doing the biography project, and I have always believed that it is real.” That wasn’t good enough for some folks who saw our post and didn’t like what the letter said. But they are very particular about the use of that material.The other reaction that caught our attention were the readers who questioned the letter’s authenticity.We had anticipated this, and had talked to Gerry Armstrong before we posted the text of the letter.

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