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In order to build relationships with people different from yourself, you have to make a concerted effort to do so.

There are societal forces that serve to separate us from each other.

People who have been mistreated by society may take more time to trust you than people who haven't. There are good reasons why people have built up defenses, but it is not impossible to overcome them and make a connection. Put yourself in situations where you will meet people of other cultures; especially if you haven't had the experience of being a minority, take the risk.

One of the first and most important steps is to show up in places where you will meet people of cultures other than your own.

We all carry misinformation and stereotypes about people in different cultures.

Especially, when we are young, we acquire this information in bits and pieces from TV, from listening to people talk, and from the culture at large.

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Or hang out in restaurants and other gathering places that different cultural groups go.When we think of culture this broadly we realize we all belong to many cultures at once. Or, if you understand how discrimination has affected you, then you may be more aware of how it has affected others. Even if you don't know who your ancestors are, you have a culture.Here are some tips on how to becoming more aware of your own culture: Do you have a culture? Even if you are a mix of many cultures, you have one. It came from your ancestors from many generations ago, and it comes from your family and community today.For example, being a parent or and an immigrant may be an identity that influences how you view the world and how the world views you.Becoming aware of your different identities can help you understand what it might be like to belong to a cultural group.

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