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The tourist information office on Vara de Rey has a useful map of walks through the old city.Don’t be put off by Cartagena’s outskirts, which house chemical plants and mining machinery; plunge straight into the Old Town near the port instead.Located lower bow, the Panorama offers all the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect aboard.The seating area of the Panorama Suite has plenty of room to relax, while large picture windows frame panoramic ocean views.Elegant décor, stunning marble bathroom and ample seating area, make this a cosy home away from home.

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The capital of Catalonia is a banquet for the senses, with its beguiling mix of ancient and modern architecture, tempting cafés and markets, and sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches. During the Civil War, it was the last seat of the Republican Loyalist government (1935–36), holding out against Franco’s National forces until the country fell to 40 years of dictatorship.Ideal for entertaining friends while you cruise or enjoying a quiet dinner “at home”. The upper deck location gives the most spectacular of sea views, the spacious living area allows for comfortable relaxing where cosy nights in become veritable experiences in themselves.Available as a one-bedroom configuration or as two-bedrooms by adjoining with a dimension: One bedroom: 990 ft² / 92m² including veranda Two bedroom: 1366 ft² / 127m² including veranda Stately describes the Royal Suite. The two-bedroom configuration of this suite makes this it the ideal option for families.Today it represents the essence of contemporary Spain—daring design and architecture along with experimental cuisine—but remains deeply conservative and proud of its traditions.Though it faces the Mediterranean, Valencia's history and geography have been defined most significantly by the River Turia and the fertile floodplain (huerta) that surrounds it.

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