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He therefore rejects any submissions on quantum, as that issue does not need to be determined, and instead states that the mother's interest is that she is entitled to occupy the house as her home, without payment, for life.

He then goes on to conclude that any application for occupation rent does not fall within s13 of TOLATA, though that did not exhaust the possible remedies for the excluded son.

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They were (and I show their shares in brackets) the Father (30%), the Mother (20%), Vatsal (20%) and Udi (20%), together with Mr Desai, Harshika’s husband, (10%).The fifteenth defendant is the brother of the sixteenth defendant and the eighteenth defendant is the son of the fifth and seventh defendants; each of them is interested in one of the partnerships. The twelfth defendant, Nayana, is another sister of Vatsal and Udi; she is married to the eleventh defendant; they are concerned in three of the partnerships. The Father, who was very much the head of the family during his lifetime, was born in India in 1927 and married the Mother in 1948.They later moved, first to Uganda and then to England in 1967.His widow, Pushpaben Babubhai Amin, whom I shall call “the Mother”, is still alive; she is the third defendant and is also a defendant in the company proceedings.4.The first defendant is Vatsal’s younger brother Udhyam (“Udi”) and the seventeenth defendant is his wife Bhavini.

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