Dating a man who is always broke

In short, no, you’re not being too materialistic if you pass up on THIS man. But you revealed your blind spot when you stick with the illusion that a man must make as much or more money than you do. (The oft-debated pay gap doesn’t take away from that fact) And if we are equal, then we should date equally, no? Men choose women based on how those women make them feel. You may be a little short-sighted if you assume that your partner has to be at least on the “same financial playing field” as you. He doesn’t seem to have a long-term plan, much less a short-term plan. So if I’m a man making 0,000, do I need to find a woman who makes 0,000, also? This is a VERY important distinction that it seems that many women have difficulty making. This man is a bad investment for your future, and you are being very smart by moving on from him. There is a huge difference between an aimless slacker who doesn’t have drive, ambition, and follow through, and a man who chooses a career with a lower financial upside.

For more free tips from Joshua Pompey, including how to write successful emails online, click here now.I am totally freaking out – as I said he is a nice guy, so am I walking away from a good thing just because I find the stability (financial being one of many) and consistency (he seems unable to commit, complete or stick to anything) missing in his character? He has his summers off, a pension, and is home before 5pm every day. I did discuss my concern with him – saying that we could still see each other and get to know one another on a friendship level (nothing physical has happened on our 4 dates) and once he has found his stability in his work/career we can go from there. He is thoughtful, attentive, supportive…at least what I’ve seen after 4 dates. Is there any reason, Michelle, that you can’t date the same exact way? Because that means that you can marry a man for one reason and one reason alone: love. Now here’s the problem – he’s 31 and has not finished his degree (I have two post graduate degrees), has not kept a stable job for more than 12 consecutive months (in fact he quit his job last week just because he didn’t like his boss anymore), has no assets, no savings, no investment and still needs to pay off his student loan. Two examples of great men who make less than their wives: A high-school history teacher and soccer coach who has a Masters degree.

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