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The first is a Japanese contraption that's advertised as a face-slimming belt.

"If anyone's concerned that your face may be too puffy or chubby or whatever, this is a belt that you can wrap around your face. It's supposed to heat things up and make you sweat a little bit."The next product is a face-whitening cream that many women, including Miyuki, use on a regular basis.

As they grow older, more rings are added, and eventually, their necks start to look elongated, giving them a giraffe-like appearance.

For these women, the shiny brass rings are the ultimate sign of female elegance and status. "If I take the rings off now, I won't look nice anymore," one woman says.

One beauty treatment that was developed in Japan is now used by women around the world.

Known as Japanese hair straightening, hair correcting or thermal reconditioning, this technique uses chemical creams and flat irons to straighten wavy hair.

Many restaurants even feature collagen, which is derived from animals like cows and chickens, on their menus.

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On the National Geographic Channel's show Taboo, cameras document some of the world's most extreme beauty practices.Mara says Japanese women believe their skin is the key to true beauty.Miki Okae, one of Japan's most famous beauty experts, says the ideal is fair, smooth skin. While some Americans get collagen and Botox injections to erase wrinkles, Japanese women believe in a different approach—they consume collagen-infused foods.In India, women take a more natural approach to beauty.Ramya, a young woman from Bangalore, India, says some use homemade remedies to beautify themselves.

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