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Kids don’t know always know what they’re doing, but in both situations, the adults could’ve ascertained how the kids they were responsible for might have made me feel, but they clearly didn’t care.On the occasions when I talked to a person from India about how much staring put a damper on my time there, I received a “but” in the response.For about 6 out of 7 hours on that drive, he stared at me.I sometimes turned to the side to look out the window.And then I arrived in Hanoi where I encountered a group of school children at the Museum of Ethnology who grew hushed when they saw me.They whispered amongst themselves while looking at me suspiciously, then they played the “Who Can Get Closest to the Scary Black Girl and Not Get Attacked? As I tried to enjoy the fantastic museum I was at, groups of these kids would repeatedly run towards me bravely and then turn around and run away from me screaming and afraid.

I’d had up and down experiences with people in Vietnam.She was originally from India but had lived in Canada for many years.She told me that, “People would stare at you less if you wore Indian clothing.” This annoyed me.I explained that when I’d worn Indian attire for the first two days of the wedding, it seemed to make people pleased that I was walking around in Indian clothing, but it did absolutely nothing to decrease the amount of staring.I get that if you’re going to stay in a country for a length of time, it can make sense to dress more like the locals. I also couldn’t help but think about how in the United States, there are many older Indian women who live in the country for years and continue to wear Indian clothing daily.

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    We were able to experience, and imagine, what divorce and a two-home family would be like. Everyone would be okay no matter what direction we ultimately took. I would have married my ex-boyfriend if I knew then what I know now. Well, my “the One” certainly wouldn’t have spent 4 years screwing hookers. And, in truth, I see him for who he is TODAY and I don’t want to lose that man. I think I am at a place where I do believe a marriage can survive. I do believe there is life, together, beyond D-day and that the two people can even grow stronger, more real, than before. That you accept a life of peace and contentment, but not happiness.

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    Main themes will focus on the good and bad of social media, perpetrator sanctioning, what is required to engage men – for real, and the role of advocates in the current climate.